13 May 2012

no progress.....

february the stripping began


birthday flowers

headaches, more medical appointments, rainy days, chocolate, dog walks, t.v, booked hypnotherapy, internet, brighton, sadness, tea, reading, no hope, sunshine, cake, flip flops, airport pickups, laying down, weeding, water, neck pain, fatigue.


Achelois said...

A great big virtual hug for you I think dear em. x

The Myasthenia Kid said...


Lots of hugs and love being sent your way.

I hate starting jobs as I know unless they are completed the same day it could be months before they are.

Rach xx

Em said...

hey achelois

thanks, you know what i mean. i had the delight today to do my back in. nice. hope your ok. x

Em said...

hey rachel

thanks, hoping that within the next few weeks a finished picture can be put up. enjoyed reading your latest post. what an opened minded dr you have. x