6 June 2012


a tiny wren captured today.  not literally.  small things.

june::  ultrasound time tomorrow.   i have to drink plenty of water, no tea first thing, argh!  checking my bladder for any nasties.  sure they wont find anything, just-in-case procedure.

::  chest of drawers complete!!!  up and running, bit crowded in my present room however.  hopefully by july the normal room will be finished, complete, done.

::  next week is the dreaded anticipated double camera day on tuesday.  eekkkk. hypnotherapy complete, i have to practise the techniques before the procedure.  i will be sedated so hopefully i should be ok,  fingers crossed.

::  planning stanmore which will be in july.  collecting small things at present.  list writing shall soon take over im sure.  found out an old black all in one, i thought a bikini would be pushing it in england!!!  for the hydrotherapy if suitable. 

::  weather, raining today.  yet im boiling hot.  !pots!

::  hope your all doing ok, noticed a lull in some blogs including my own.  take care everyone. x


coffeecup said...

Good Lord Em, when are these doctors going to leave you alone? You've endured so many tests. You must breeze through them now. Sending my best wishes for the next one, and hoping all is well.

Loving the wren! Well done on spotting it. They're so tiny and fast you did really amazing to get a picture. xxx

coffeecup said...

Em, here again...

if you're feeling well enough to manage a bit of sewing please take a look at this blog;

Spartici Creatives

They're asking for people to make a square, or more if they wish, for a community patchwork quilt. I think I'm going to have a go assuming my sewing skills are up to scratch. The very first thing I thought when I saw it, well, it was YOU actually. I feel this was meant to be. The perfect opportunity to share a little piece of something you've created for an excellent project. Just simply had to share this one and ask if you wanted to give it a go? No pressure whatsoever, okay? Apologies if I've overstepped myself again x

And of course, my love as always, and hoping that you're feeling okay as can be? xxx

Em said...

hey cc

i think because eds/pots can mimic other conditions, the drs have to be sure i havent got those. so tests, lots of tests.

i could hear the little wren. theres a little wooded park a few miles away from us, near the dog walk where rosy usually goes. you can park up, with a cuppa its beautifully quiet. not a very good picture, yet at least you can see him.

will take a look at the patchwork project, ive seen these done before, such a nice sentimient that a number of people contribute to. thanks for thinking of me. if you make a square would love to see it. hope lucy is doing ok with her tooth. take care. x