8 June 2012

not that you really wanted to see a chest of drawers

the finished piece.  i attempted 10 minutes worth of reading the ikea instructions before my eyes/neck went.  so the mother finished, or really begun and finished them for me.

im holed up in the room that was mine.  in bed with a hot water bottle, its mid-june!, cold and tired.  wind blowing loudy outside.

yesterday when ok.  i had to have a bladder/abdomen ultrasound.  so lots of water before hand.  a polite and gentle nhs technician took me through to the peaceful, dim room.  after prodding my stomach, he asks me what POTS is?  he said that he would look it up the night as he has never heard of it.   then the receptionist asks whether i would like my DEXA scan today, if i would wait 15 minutes.  i said yes.  it would be that i wouldnt have to come back at the end of the month for another appt.  the scan was quick and easy.  although because my last one was done at kings, they couldnt compare them.  i asked if the scan was ok.  she shouldnt of told me because she needed to take a more in depth look.  yet unofficially i have osteopenia.  the same then.  least my density hasnt deteriorated further.  good news.

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