28 May 2013

childhood wallpaper - 1979

when I was young I shared a bedroom with my sister.  L is 9 years older than I was, so being the late 70s early 80s she was with it.  I adored her clothes, shoes, hair dos.
the bedroom is being decorated at present.  behind the wardrobes were the wallpaper we shared.  i loved the colours, animals.  one strange thing, i remember by bed, up the head end sat the cat, i would pick at the cats face, until the cat had a face no more.   L would careful sketch the eyes, nose, whiskers, yet i would continue to take them away.
i cant imagine the whole bedroom covered with this visually noisy wallpaper.  yet at the time it seemed ok.  made me smile to see it again.


Melinda said...

Love the wallpaper memories! :)

em said...

thanks Melinda, loved seeing the wallpaper again. x

magical said...

it seems to all be coming back now as vintage wallpaper.

em said...

hey magic

some of the vintage classics are pretty, I like some of the 50s designs. x

Kimmy Chan said...

That wallpaper is beautiful! ^-^

Alist Partners said...

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