19 September 2014

I've not been here for awhile.  I shut down over a year ago.  I was tempted to press delete, yet didn't I put the blog on hold.  Lots of things have happened mainly health wise.  Much has stayed the same.  


The Foggy Knitter said...

Hello, it's lovely to see you, I've wondered how you've been doing x

ABitterKnitter said...

You're still in my blog feed. :-)

em said...

hey foggy,

ive been reading your blog, and many others too. just stopped blogging myself.

must say knitting and crocheting has been helping get through the past few years. thanks. x

em said...

hey knitter

saw your cute little dalek dress, so sweet. will take a look through your projects, always inspiring. x

Rab said...

Hi Em,

Its good to see you posting again and so glad you did not nuke your blog- it can lead to a lot of regret. Hope all is well.


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