9 May 2013

question, pretty trees

rosy is due the haircut next thurday, she will be happy as larry, the clip will no longer be placed in her forehead, she will no longer run away and rub her head along the floor.  one pleased mutt

any eds-er out there with this little nuisance? I get a tingling under my skin, when this happens on my body, I scratch and little blood blisters appear under the skin with a bruise.  however on my hand if I itch, then the skin will just peel off!  this has always happened, its not a problem, just I wonder if anyone else has this.

reminds me of small cakes type biscuits when I were small.  marshmallows with shreds of coconut on.  so pretty.


Achelois said...

Bet you have guessed I am going backwards blogging reading already em. So pleased was I to see you in my reader. I know the pooch will love the haircut but the clip looks so very cute.
In answer to your question the answer is yes I have the same. I don't really know if it helps but I use a lot and I mean a lot of hand cream. I can't remember the name of it exactly but there is one for intended for gardener's (I don't know if you remember but my husband is a professional gardener) Anyway he was given a pot of hand cream that is downstairs and I am in bed, so will have a guess at its name, I think something along the lines of really hardworking gardeners hand cream, and the pot is white with a yellow lid. Its quite expensive and a little goes a long way, which is good as its reasonably expensive. About £10 plus a pot. One has to wait a while after use before doing anything as it renders the hands slippery but it really seems to work well as a barrier.

Ooh I remember the cake biscuit things, but also sweets like them. I love that nature reminds you of food.

Em said...

hey achelois

nice to hear from you, how are things?

you get the hand thing too. its quite stranger to itch skin off of your hands, you would of thought I would be used to it by now. yet still when I get that familiar tingle, then start to itch, I look down amazed that I didn't stop myself, brain fog!!!! today I felt the tingle on my right thumb and realised, only because of the day previous, so a unwounded right thumb.

I use handcream mostly in the winter, I remember when I was 16 or so and went to the G.P he gave me a tub of some such cream, as my hands were literally peeling.

thanks for replying, always good to share symptoms! makes them a little less unusal.

hope you and your daughter are doing as best you can, will there be any blog posts in the offering in the near future from you?