7 May 2013

crochet scarf

I started to crochet this year, learnt on you tube.  Im a  leftie (left-handed) I knit left handed so I thought I would be a leftie crochet-er . 
when I was young, at school I would have to learn to do something right handed due to the lack of awareness lefties have.  in the 2nd year of infants age around 5 a teacher came into the room, picked me out, held a piece of chalk in her hand and asked me which hand would I write in.  I was bemused... confused even back then, then took the chalk in my left hand.
I crochet with my right hand. 


The Foggy Knitter said...

Lovely scarf, crochet can be so soothing, I'm still at the simple level only but enjoy it for a change sometimes. My sister is left handed but uses scissors in her right hand and can write with it if she needs to. It is strange, the attitude against it, my grandmother (born 1910) was forced to use her right hand instead of her left at school.

Em said...

hey foggy

glad you were able to go away for a lovely break, the photos looked peaceful.

ive been able to do straight forward crochet, nothing too complicated as my brain isn't functioning well.

same as your sister, when I was little you had to adapt otherwise I wouldn't of been able to use anything much. my right hand is stronger, some much so when I went abroad a left hand drive car perfect for that reason.

rain today, after the beautiful week of weather. tc. x

Achelois said...

I love the earthy colours in the scarf. I went through a phase of trying to teach myself to crotchet a while back and failed. I had been knitting very badly but my hands were getting so much pain I pretty much stopped. Thinking I would try crotchet a go, I gave up after some disasters and utter frustration. Good idea about you tube, I shall look although I am not very good at transfering what someone else is doing to how I should do it! I am the other way round, I am right handed but have to use my left hand now for very many things, so I wonder whether if I try again whether I should crotchet left or right. Just trying again would be a start. This is just the inspiration I need. I the scarf because its not all holy like a lot of crotchet seems to be. Bear in mind I am an utter novice and have images of the crotchet blankets that fill the charity shop at a local hospital.

Oh my just looked to the right of your post and realise the last time I blogged was six months ago!

The scarf looks chic, casually draped.

Melinda said...

Cool scarf Em.

em said...

hey achelois,

I wasn't that much of a fan of crochet in the past I remember, like you the typical black edged blanket with orange and red inserts.

as knitting was getting a bit tricky, the sewing machine aches my shoulders in long stints (a few minutes at a time) I thought I would give crochet ago.

love attic 24 designs. wanted to do the ripple rug, yet I thought I bet learn first some simple steps!

the scarf I had to pull out a number of times. due to the increase of stitches,this always happens by the way even with knitting. some easy to start with, a long cowly type scarf. the wool is a little itchy yet with clothes I can deal with that.

I would give it a go. take your time, the first few rows took me well over a week to get used to. starting,pulling out, you get the picture.

take care. x

em said...

thanks Melinda, cant wait to see some of your new wool creations. x