5 May 2013

suffolk - may

the sun has decided to show itself.  my bones are happy.   was able to spend a few days in Suffolk this past week. 

rosy is due for a haircut. 

months seem to have flown by.  still having tests.  still none the wiser.  another vascular test was taken in October.  became part of some research in EDS recently, over a 10 year period.  having a mri in a few weeks time to determine tethered spinal cord/chiari.  pain, nausea, all normal parts of the day.
still crafting, I learnt to crochet earlier this year from YT.  liking the slow quality.  made a scarf, working on another.  maybe a bag.  slow, pacing is the key.
a few short breaks keep me sane.  never really travelled round England before, seeing small villages that remind me of france. 
exhaustion seems to follow me, I carry on regardless.  small things make me happy.  including the daft mutt with long hair.  she needs a cut, soon.  she makes me laugh. 
life is ok.  ok is ok to aim for.


Amanda said...

I'm glad to see you around the blog world again, and that you've posted.

Rosy is very adorable, long hair and all!

magical said...

glad to see your back. Hope you had a lovely time on holiday. Rosie is so cute, she looks liked a princess with her hairclip in.

Em said...

hey Amanda, thanks, the weather is hotting up over here, so the little one is long overdue for a trim. hope you have been doing ok. take care x

Em said...

magic, the holiday was lovely, worn out but lovely. normally people go away for a rest and come back refreshed. seems to be the other way round for us!!! it was worth it though. rosy dislikes the hairclip, seriously everytime it was put in she would raise a paw to whip it out. I think she will appreciate the cut, hopefully next week.

loving your camper van textile. I will try to put some more of my pieces up on the blog. tc.x