18 December 2008

getting used to blogging

i got the pic where i wanted it. yippee. this is a picture of me in brighton, sussex. last october. with a false smile, and long hair. i was able to walk around a mile or more, i so enjoy the coast. the dog is my sisters, he was a pup at the time. i was pretty unwell for the next few days, but i did it.

this morning i read through all what i have written, and started to correct the spelling. only a few words, but enough to annoy. as i was looking through the dictionary, i came across hurdy -gurdy that made me laugh. what a word. there are other words that seem to jump out and seem odd. i remember many years ago a t.v presenter, said ramekin and couldnt stop laughing. any words that make you laugh? and sorry for my spelling in advance, my woolly head seems not to be working of late.


Robert said...

If you're worried about your spelling or grammar, here's a suggestion...

Use a text document such as microsoft word or Open Office (Open Office is free!) to compose your post. These programs have spell check and grammar check functions, so you don't have to check it yourself! When you get the post you like, copy it & then paste it into your blog.

Hope this helps!

Magpie said...

love the picture. you look like you are laughing. and what a cute pup!! funny words...i'd have to think about that one. i know there are some. ramekin is a funny one though. i've had others point that out.

alice said...


thanks, do you google open office? and is it easy to copy and paste? truly i dont have much idea on a computer. i learnt my keyboard skills on an old olympia typewriter at school!

the pups big now, well as big as a yorkshire terrier gets. will post another pic of him. would love a dog, been thinking about it, then i think myself out of it. a little westie i think.