2 February 2009


yep, snow.

thinking this morning how the snow represents how i feel. i can't get out today, snowed in. and if i did go out and got stuck then i couldn't get back. thats how panic makes me feel. like its snowing all the time in my world. like theres danger and mayhem everyday. and normal peoples lives are like everyday, well normal days. they can move freely, without much worry. and i have the constant fear that something will go wrong, if im out, or in. also with the added fear now that something is wrong with me. im not making much sense so i will leave it there.


alice said...

hi alice! i understand about the snow. i used to live near a bunch of huge lakes and in the winter, we were constantly being snowed in. at times, it was illegal to even drive. felt like winter was half the year. and i basically lived alone in a creaky old house, and i was shy, so it was very isolating! didn't have the internet back then, which i think really helps! the internet is really cool. lucky us! anyway, i needed to run around (anixety), and so i moved to a snow free place that i love.

alice said...

the snow is so cold