23 February 2009


Anonymous said...

how pretty!

alice said...

thank you.

diver said...

Hi Alice. Are those candles on a carpet or floating on soap bubbles? It's a good pic in any case I think.

May I ask how long have you been entertaining the fatigue (M.E) and anxiety?

PS ... I thought that comment you left on the 'Panic Room' blog this morning was great. It was really practical and obviously helped with CoffeeCup's dilemma. Good on you!

alice said...

hi diver

the candles are on snow. a few weeks back when the snow came i placed some candles outside, my hands were so cold lightening them.

i have had anxiety for, well since i was around nine. and the m.e. was finally diagnosed two weeks ago. however the clinician worked back over my life and said it probably started at nine. i would have similiar symptoms to now just less so. the last two years i havent worked because ive been blasted with m.e. and at the moment anxiety has joined me again.

im glad i could help coffeecup.
hope your well. alice.