1 March 2009

crystal palace

theres a park in south london called crystal palace. over a hundred years ago, they placed dinosaurs there. i remember going as a child, there was a zoo, and other things to do. its a huge piece of green, and a few years ago they had people living in tree houses, protesting against building leisure facilities, and houses . well it worked. now they want to build houses on the land.
at the weekend the park is full of children, they make their own entertainment, as most of the fun things were taken away. they had pedlos, a mini train, donkey rides, ski ramp, etc. but thats fine, they run around looking in amazement at the dinos. so why spoil this. come back tree house dwellers.


Coffeecup said...

It makes me very sad that every available piece of green looks like a fast way for someone who doesn't live there to make a fortune. I hope that there is sufficient protest to stop the development too!

alice said...

hi coffeecup

the government talk about childhood obesity, they should go to the park and see the amount of kids, of all ages amusing themselves. the areas is kind of divided,you have penge, a poorer place, and dulwich, a more affluent area, everyone mixes in the park.
come back the dreadlocked heros.