9 February 2009


i been forgetful lately. saying the wrong words. writing without adding capitals. i apologise. its happened before and i hope it leaves soon.

last week i had my first huffer in the chair. my niece who is eleven was pushing me in a busy sainsburys. she very good i might add. and a women came at us with her trolley and gave a big almighty huff, and said ' you should teach her to wait'. i was amazed, my niece was upset. the thing is, if it had of been a fault on nieces part i would of just mentioned this. it wasnt. why are people in such a hurry. some one should of taught the women some patience. never mind.


Anonymous said...

hi alice, me again. the woman sounds really rude. true, she's probably just miserable in her own life, but she still took it out on you. and your poor niece! you know, the funny thing is i myself have had a couple run-ins with rude people in the last year. i suppose it's inevitable. had one lady push me in the airport and yell 'don't stop,' which of course, made me stop dead in my tracks. had another lady saying things under her breath to me at the grocery store. i think they are just venting their own unhappiness. it's the opposite of random acts of kindness i suppose. oh well, i've also had run ins with about 100 times as many nice people in the past year :)
-the other alice

alice said...

im trying to leave their anger with them, its nothing to do with me how other people act. and when im aware of this it helps greatly.

today i was pushed in the chair, and a lady was overly nice, getting out the way so i could get into the lift. so things balance out.

alice said...
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Anonymous said...

hi alice, are you still around? it's me, the other alice again. just wondering how you are doing. hope you are doing ok.

alice said...

hi alice

been tired, worn out. panic. i dont understand life sometimes.