2 March 2009


when i was 19 i adored audrey hepburn, admired her style, her figure, her face. ( later read she had an ed) . watched her films over and again. and of course breakfast at tiffanys. seeing her gaze through the huge pane of glass into the jewellery store made me want a piece of metal.
fast forward, two years ago my dad was working in new york, popped into that very same store and bought me a necklace. i havent worn it, the obsession passed. im clumsy and would worry that i would lose it.


Coffeecup said...

I'd like to see what's in that box?

At Christmas my auntie was wearing a pair of Tiffany earings, and I envied them. She flippantly told me she didn't like them so gave them to me as a gift. I put them in my handbag and when I got home I couldn't find them! Looked everywhere too, gone! I'm mortified.

Maybe whatever secret that little box holds, you'll be happier to wear in future. Their time will come. Was a lovely gesture by your Dad. Take better care of it than I did my earrings.

diver said...

Me too, I wonder what's in that box ... hmmm ?

alice said...

im seriously clumsy, and the m.e hasnt helped.
last summer i was in a local park, with my niece, i lost a beaded bracelet i made when i was 17. i didnt have the energy to walk round, so she did and found it. it must of cost 20p to make, but it meant alot.

i wish i didnt get attached to things. anyway, i will show the necklace soon.

Coffeecup said...

Well I don't know if this was coincidence but today my seatbelt unclipped itself and as I put my hand down to force it back in, my fingers felt something hiding down there. My lost earrings! Kinda spooky that they'd be forgotten until I saw this post.

Hanging on to stuff of no value is rather nice. If they meant something at time then the value in the attachement to them is priceless in my opinion. Your face on the cup is beautiful. I'd want to keep it too.