17 March 2009


my two nieces were round on sunday, 14, and 11. they decided to make some, plastic stuff. and they made me one too as a surprise. sweet girls. they are thoughful and caring kids. i have a little old lunch box, a peanuts one with snoopy on which i have put pieces of their work in over the years. i got it out and they loved looking through what they had made.
today, i went to ikea, i needed some material and i thought that this was going to pose a big problem. finding being in places difficult right now. more so since i have been in the wheelchair. i had a plan, the store is huge, so i was going to get the material, and get out. after the initial heart beating fast, it eased a little. i spent half an hour in there, and was glad to get some air. more bags need to be made, i was exhausted when i got in so i couldnt make anything. never mind.

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