8 April 2009


last night i was looking through my blog, see if i could improve anything. pressing buttons to see what i could add, just browsing. when i press a button that took me to a column with my blog entries, and a column with the number of people that replied. ( i probably couldnt find it again). i thought hang on a minute, in the beginning there were a lot of 0s if i remember. but in front of my eyes were numbers, so i went right back through each individual comment. and realised i didnt respond to some of them.

a little red-faced, i have replied. i dont know how i could of missed this. i just want to apologize to;


i feel a bit of a fool. please accept my apology.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

I used to have that problem too- especially when I was posting more than once on any given day. I started getting comment sent to me as well as appearing on the page so that I could see when I opened my email if there were any new comments- it also lets you keep a copy in case you accidently delete a comment.

If you'd like to do the same go to the blogger dashboard and for your blog click on 'Settings' and the 'Comments'. Right down at the bottom of the page is a boc labelled 'Comment Notification Email'. Type your email address in there and click on 'Save Settings'. This will let you know when a comment has been made even if its on an older post from months ago.

All the best


diver said...

Hi Alice. That was a hot tip from Nechtan. I don't know where I'd be without that email notification thing!

And that was sweet of you to recriminate about your commenting ... not that I was offended or anything like that. So please don't feel bad about it :)

Coffeecup said...

Hi Alice, some land in my in box and others not but I use comment moderation to make sure I see everything that arrives.

Please don't apologise for not replying. Even if you had spotted them earlier I wouldn't expect you to respond to everything. Some people leave such remarkable comments for me that I just am lost for words sometimes!

alice said...

hi nechtan
thanks for the information, when im a little better i will take a look at the service, thanks.

feel a little stupid, but we all makes mistakes. thanks

and coffeecupp
i was a bit amazed with the comments, and i just felt silly.

thanks to you all.
i cant leave a message on rachels diary it just seems to shut my computer down everytime. so if anyone could get a message to her to take a look at the apology would be grateful.
thank you.