10 April 2009

quick note.

on wednesday i came over a bit strange. i had one cup of water, and nothing to eat, the same on thursday. i was pretty unwell. called the doc he said go to a&e. well thats my worse nightmare. anyway, my dad called an ambulance, i was in a panic, and quite ill. went which i said i wouldnt go. it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be, but still stressful.

they put me on a heart ward, with only four beds, which was okay, with older women. stayed awake the whole of last night, my mum stayed with me, i couldnt of stayed otherwise, felt a bit silly, but i just didnt care. they put in two litres of fluid with special stuff in you know the usual. felt a little better this morning, and i drank some more. they want me to see a cardiologist next week.

i came home today, i was able to eat some. i just dont want to feel like this anymore. i was boiling hot, shaking, feeling so unwell. i need to sort the postural hypotension out.

i may not be on-line for a while, if i feel better then i will. just wanted you to know that i havent left blog-world.


Coffeecup said...

Thanks for sharing that with us sweetie. Hope that you're feeling much better soon. I'm very relieved that you made it to the hospital and that you coped with it all so well. Glad your mum stayed too, I think you needed some moral support. Please let us know how you get on won't you? Can't help but care what happens to you Alice. Take some rest and take care of yourself. I for one will be here waiting to for you to post or get in touch. Just to be reassured that you are well. With my warmest of wishes for a speedy recovery ...xX

diver said...

My warmest wishes too Alice. I hope you get over this episode fast, whatever it is.

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

That must have been a real ordeal for you, I can't imagine how much. Glad that you dealt so well with it but hope they find the root cause and get you back on the road to recovery again.

Take care


alice said...

hi steph,

im feeling better, touch wood. ive been limiting myself with what i do, and i think i will carry this on. im eating, and drinking. i think i need the drip, to kick start me again.

alice said...

hi diver,

i too hope this goes away. at the moment im a little optimistic, which can only be a good thing.

alice said...

hi nechtan,

trouble with anxiety, everything seems magnify, in the ambulance it was that way indeed. i just felt, well i cant explain like what was going to happen, i dont want to be here, this is too much. i wouldnt of choosen to go myself.