20 April 2009

bit of a dip

had a headache yesterday, well for the past few days. although yesterday seemed worse, i didnt eat till evening. had a complan, strawberry flavoured. im a little determined now to put some weight on. in a world where everyone seems to be losing weight, its a strange feeling.

i was so used to seeing the scale go down, and getting a pleasure from that. ( although in the past few years i never weighed myself). it will be a funny feeling to see it go up. i can remember on millineum eve i was 7 stone 12. i was pleased. yet i am that today. and i want to go to 9 stone. i figure if m.e is about lack of energy, than what am i doing having around 600 cals a day to survive on, no wonder im knackered its not helping. i know this will be another challenge. and i know when the m.e symptoms call on me, that eating is a huge problem.

my dad is working in scotland at the moment. he went to visit holy island yesterday, and helped a man in his wheelchair get off the boat ( i assume it was a boat going to an island!) and dad said to him that i was in a wheelchair at the moment, due to m.e. the man said to my dad, 'get her to talk' i now a few people with m.e, just get her to talk.

ive always found deep meaningful conversations about me difficult. real revealing truths, so hard to speak. is this worth trying, i think so.

oh and anyone got any ideas with high fat)!) nutritious food i could try, it has to be pretty bland, no spices. thanks.


Nechtan said...

Sorry no suggestions for high fat nutritious food. Complan though will do the job. When I lost alot of weight a few years ago it really did help so if you use it as a supplement it will do you good.

It is interesting that this man gave such advice. Do you know what he meant by that? Does he mean open up to your dad or join group therapy? It is definitely something to consider. If this really has helped people with ME that this man has known then it might be worth pursuing.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i will keep with the complan, i know it has other nutrients in to.

not sure what the man meant, was told over a phone call, so maybe when dad gets back he will explain more. ive always been closed, so expressing myself is so hard.

Robert said...

Ask your dad to get lots of Scottish recip├ęs. Scots eat the fatiest food I know, and it's not spicy.

If you like sweet things, ask your dad to get you some Scottish Tablet. It's available in most confectionery shops in Scotland, but you can also order it online or make it yourself. Just "google" Scottish Tablet.

Sar said...

Hi Alice!

On the nutrition front, I would imagine that the easiest way to add 'quality nutrients and energy' to your diet would be in such a way that you don't have to consume larger amounts of food.
I don't know if you're anything like me with eating habits but I just can't eat very fast and seem to feel very full on 'normal' amounts.
Best ways I found to add energy value without having too much extra volume was these:
Have a glass of milk/ soya milk with EACH meal
Sprinkle seeds or nuts, any at all that you like (healthy fats & protein and lots energy in small amount!) with EACH meal or add some oil eg olive, pumpkin seed- pour over cooked veggies or on potato or pasta.
Try having a flapjack bar mid morning & afternoon time or malt loaf & butter with coffee/ hot drink or, again, nuts & dried fruit.A small amount will provide protein, fats & fibre and will give you energy for a longer time than a biscuit or two.
Then, at night before bed, try having a Horlicks malt drink made with milk- this is delicious and makes you sleepy and I had it every night in hospital as part of recovery, for an extra nutrient boost.
Of course, there's always the good old peanut butter to add to everything but i think people either love the stuff or really DON'T!
Hope any of that might help, despite my own ED issues, I am pretty ok with nutrition stuff hon!! Xx

Nechtan said...

Haha, Robert is so right. Where else in the world would you get a battered Mars Bar? The Scots have the fattiest cooking by far. If you were to holiday here for 2 weeks and get your dinner from the chip shop then you would balloon- Pizza supper for example (Deep fried Pizza with chips).

All the best


alice said...

hi robert

i will have to google scottish tablet, havent heard of it before. hope my dad hasnt indulged as he has a little high cholestrol! thanks.

hi sar,

ive been trying how to eat less volume as you say. i get full really easily, i know years of undereating. i have to make a concious effort now. i do eat peanut butter, usually in a sandwich each day. i dont have anything in the morning, a habit, and an m.e, feel a bit unwell first thing. although i know i have to work on this.

im a slow eater too, and always have been. the nuts is a good idea. i like a range, cashews, brazil, pistachios. and again not many needed, and healthy. and i need to eat a little more regularly. i tend to eat lunch and dinner. im trying to keep a log of calories ( not obsessive, i always used to count fat), and the amount i drink. trying for 2 litres a day.

and i might just give the horlicks a try. something ive never had before. thanks so much.x

hi nechtan,

i saw in a fish and chip shop down here for the first time, battered mars bar. have you ever had one? what do they taste like?

Nechtan said...

Never had one. Just the thought of aby chocolate sweet in batter (I hear they do Creme Eggs now too) turns my stomach.

I did though have deep fried pizza a few years ago when I didn't know any better- quite a few times. You would not believe how much fat the pizza base soaks up. The thought of that now makes me cringe.

All the best