19 April 2009


here are a few of my pieces of work, as promised to coffeecup. there shall be more to come soon. the first one, the charleston rug, was what started me off stitching. and i must say if i had average anxiety this helped a lot. i could lose myself for a few hours, and find that i had calmed myself down. i never thought that i would have the courage to sell my work, i didnt think i was good enough. the rug took nearly a year to make, i had to overcome some problems but i made it. the shop wanted to purchase it, but i couldnt let it go, maybe one day i will.

the second a bag. bags are quick and easy to make, ive sold few privately too.

next a little evening bag. the vase is painted onto a cabinet in the farmhouse. vanessa bell i think designed it. i just took the piece and put it onto a bag.

then a mirror, unfinished, im still working on it. i copied this from the bigger version in the house. just made it smaller. it has antique glass in at the moment, but the glass if far too heavy so im looking at getting something lighter. the edge is tapestry.

and lastly a cushion. not sure if this will sell. i know its a famous painting, just cant remember what, i managed to turn it from a tapestry into a cross-stitch many years ago. and just thought it might sell. backed it with my favourite material, courdory, which i use alot. soft texture, hard waring.

i really would recommend a hobby that you can use your hands, and brain. at least in the more anxious, stressed times you can ease your mind some.hope you enjoy the pictures.


Coffeecup said...

Wow! You are an extremely talented stitcher Alice, I did enjoy the pictures, thanks so much for sharing. The hours you must have put into these things probably couldn't be counted. Quite exquiste! I adore the painting you turned into a cushion. The stitching is so neat it looks as though the patterns have been woven into the fabric. Incredible!!

PS. I wouldn't sell them the rug either, how could you bear to part with something so beautiful?


alice said...

i did spend quite a few hours on stitching, although i didnt feel like it at the time.

i love colours and textures. i know the first few rugs i sold, i lost money because i wanted to have nice fabric on the back! that may sound bonkers but it was important to me to create something nice, and put that into the world.

i will show some more soon.
and thanks.

diver said...

Hi Alice, love your work, especially that lovely 'soothing' colour scheme on the rug :) I thought the cushion was pretty awesome too.

Totally agree with you about hobbies and keeping busy - it's far and away the best therapy for anxiety I ever discovered!

alice said...

hi diver

thanks. i love the rug too. still after 7 years. i just wish i had the energy to keep busy, anxiety is hitting me right now, as ive nowhere to distract myself too.