21 June 2009

nearly expired

on may the 3rd, my 35th birthday i was taken to hosptial by ambulance once again.
i nearly expired that night.
i spent three weeks on a private ward, and had a number of painful tests.
the outcome, the docs think i have POTS.
I have spent four weeks at home in bed, although at least now i can get out and have a quick bath a use the loo!
im on a number of tablets, considering i was the last person to take a tablets, i pleaded for anything i could get.

thanks for the replies. i will respond. i can sit up for around 5 minutes now whopee!
im looking into purchasing a laptop. im bored stiff sitting in bed watching tv, listening to the radio, and looking out of the window.

hopefully sometime this week i will have the laptop, and get it up and running.
can i be so forward, in asking you to pray for my wellbeing?

thank you and hopefully i will be back soon to catch up on all your blogs.


diver said...

Hi Alice! That was a pleasant surprise to find a new entry on your blog ... but a bit of a shock to read its contents. You poor thing, this must be scary for you.

I was just reading about POTS on the internet and was most heartened to read (from Wikipedia) that, 'POTS is a serious, though non-life threatening, medical condition ...' which gave me some hope at least that you won't be really hurt from it any time soon.

In any case I will most definitely send good vibrations in your direction plus best wishes for a speedy recovery and success with your management of this new and disturbing health development.

All the best Alice !!!

PS ... happy belated birthday ... what a crap present the universe gave you though :(

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Its good to see a post from you again and know that you are OK though not good to see why you have been absent for so long. To be honest I have never heard of POTS before so had to look it up and when I did I can see why its a possible reason for your problems. It is such a shame that it has taken such a terrifying episode as this to get a diagnosis though. I'm just happy that the bad period has now past and hopefully from this some good can come in the shape of you getting proper attention to manage this condition.

I look forward to seeing more posts from you when you have your new laptop and also wish you all the best in a speedy recovery to full health again.

All the best


alice said...

hi diver

thanks for the pots info. its an awful condition, still have to have more tests done in the next few months. i went down to 6stone 12 which at 5'8'' isnt the best of weights and they worried at few more pounds would shut my system down, anyway i will post about what happened when i get my laptop, then i can sit up for longer,

and thanks for the positive vibes, i really need them.

hi nechtan
ive been itching to get back on line just to ill too. its such a crap illness to have. wil have to go for more tests. i cant wait for the laptop, maybe i will get one in the next few weeks at least i can slouch up in bed and read everyones missed blogs. thanks.

Coffeecup said...

Hi Alice, I'm so sorry I didn't realise you were blogging again. Oh my word! Truly I hope that you are starting to feel better and gaining some strength. POTS sounds bloody unpleasant. I hate that you're having such a bad time with illness and send my love and lots of postive wishes. HUGE hugs to you. :-(


alice said...

hi stef

thanks for that, im glad your op went as well as expected, and well done you for going. i know how difficult these things can be.

fingers crossed i will start to improve soon.