23 July 2009


ten things about me.

1. i dont like spiders, or hair. its fine on your head, but when its cut off and on the floor i.e. the hairdressers floor, it gives me the heebeegebees.

2. i was made tea by lord and lady asprey (jewellery people) in their kitchen.

3.favourite textures, the sand and swimming in the sea.

4.im so boring.

5.i know my blog is plain, but its an achievement for me, as i have done it all myself, without any help from no one. i usually get flustered around technology.

6.i own 10 pairs of converse all stars, and will probably have a few more pairs in the following weeks.

7.ive always like r.e.m. michael stipe is a little pretentious, we arent all perfect.

8.i like the smell of roses, scent, bubble bath, candles. i know an old ladys smell, but i love it.

9.i dont like the number nine.

10.i want to travel again.


diver said...

Wonderful Alice, loved your ten things, well, nine of them anyway. Number #4 contained an error ;-)

Is there a reason why you fear the number 9 ?

Ellen said...

Alice, I've only been reading your blog a short while, but I already know #4 is untrue. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. :-)

Nechtan said...

I agree with diver and Ellen. People don't read boring blogs. You should rightly be proud of your blog. It is your own personal space which you have created and people enjoy looking in.

All the best


alice said...

hi diver

the reason i dislike #9. when i was 9 years old my grandad died. i was at an age where i could understand, yet couldnt comprehend the emotions which went with losing someone. my first death that i experienced.

hi ellen

bless you. thanks for being kind and honest.

hi nechtan

its kind of you along with ellen and diver to say im not boring. but i need to prove to myself that im not. i dont know if someone had made a comment in the past and ive clung onto the belief. its stil remains in my head.

Sarah♥ said...

I love your number 6. I wish i could get more..i am desperate for grey ones...i can't find them anywhere.

No. 4 - you are definitely not boring :)

Coffeecup said...

That was great :-)

Hmm I never thought too much about hair on the salon floor but it is slightly gruesome now you've mentioned it. The Victorians loved keeping hold of locks of hair of people who had died, it's kind of creepy!

I agree with everyone about number 4. Boring is not a word I would associate with you Alice. I think you're amazing! :-)

alice said...

hi sarah

i got my first pair when i was 17, and ive been wearing them ever since. when my dad was in new york, i asked him by bring me back a yellow pair, i got mustard! so im hoping this time. have you tried office, i know ive bought a few pairs in there.x

hi steph

errr, the hair thing. gives me goosebumps. i dont know why, something must of scared me in the past. and why does negative thoughts stick? my friend at school said once that i talked aload of crap, she was a bit of a bully, but i still remember it. thats why i think what i say is boring. why cant the positive comments stick? thanks.x