24 July 2009


my aunt will be here in a few hours. i was brave, a few nights ago when i was speaking to her on the phone, i said would she mind using hand sanitizer when she was travelling through london. and dont touch her face when she was on the train or tubes. she was fine about it. im trying not to get worried too much about swine flu, but i just cant afford to get it.

sunday if all goes well, were asking my other aunt up for lunch. so there will be my mum, my sister, my niece, my two aunts and me. we all over talk, say things we dont mean, and grumble, so this shall be a brilliant day. hopefully i will be able to get down to the garden for an hour or so, please sun stay out.

lucky dad, hes working in malibu, the jobs not ready so he may have three weeks of lolling around california. its not fair. heres for a good weekend.

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