10 July 2009

all or nothing.

been ill in bed for two days. stupid me, ive been on the computer for two days previous for six or so hours. and i wonder why i come over all funny. so i have to limit myself. until i feel better anyway.

i need more restraint.

received a letter this morning, two years ago i agreed to see a psychologist for a year on the nhs. well a letter came through saying sorry about the wait!!!!!!!! i laughed. if i could of seen them at the time, even a wait of a few months would of been okay. yet now even if they sent the appointment i wouldnt be able to attend. irony. help.


Coffeecup said...

The waiting times are a disgrace! When the appointment comes explain the situation and they should be able to visit you at home. I would be suprized if they wouldn't accommodate such a request. X

alice said...

hi steph
the waiting times are stupid. i asked in the beginning if someone could come out and see me. and only the ones lower down the ladder will. the cpns, or the ots. however i will persist and explain the situation. i even wrote a letter to the then health minister alan (can remember is last name right now), and all his office said was complain. you just go round in circles!