8 July 2009


im getting used to the laptop. finding my way around. i was used to speaking to my aunt on the computer, and i missed not speaking to her. i managed to add msn, just by following the instructions, ( something that i dont normally do). and up popped my aunt. shes visiting her son inbetween le mans and tours in france. then i spoke to my cousins daughter. i told her than my niece was learning french, and did she have anything i could say that would be funny. well came the answer, un fesse de singe, monkeys bum! hopefully its not anything more ruder. my niece will think that funny.

also i took a peek on you tube. looked up POTS. found some interesting videos. some of the things i cant do like wash my hair, one women couldnt put her arms above her head, well that solved the problem, i cant too. some really young people suffer from it.

oh and i need to figure out how to download some picture onto this laptop. stupid me thought that i could use the ones on my computer i thought that they would be connected. der. something else i need to learn.

i just wish instructions manuals could be easy. just one, two, three. and words that are understandable, i have no idea the usage of the language.

and im so glad that i spent two years of my life learning how to touch type. from the age of fourteen to sixteen, twice a week, pitmans. huge typewriters, a class of girls punching away at the keys. forbid any girl that swipped the paper out, instead of using the winging thing at the back( cant remember the name). for years i wondered what good learning to type would do for me. now 20 years later i know. i can look at the screen at type 50 words a minute, ( probably at little less now).

bon nuit.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

I'm glad that the new laptop has given you some light in your day and the weather has helped too. Hopefully things are starting to pick up now and you are slowly getting back to your old self.

Youtube is great for so many things. I ignored it for a long time because I just assumed it was full of people uploading mundane or funny video clips. But it has alot to offer for any type of interest you can think of. It really is a fantastic resource.

The site I am most addicted to at the moment is google maps with its Street View. As an agoraphobic I find it comforting to be able to take a virtual walk through so many streets in the UK.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i never really went on you tube until recently. i havent really took a look at google maps, although i have had a look at the other one google earth. i went back to holiday destinations in europe, which brought back memories.