17 July 2009


dad is going to malibu tonight. oh im so jealous. his job takes him to some strange places, and other times to some beautiful, that being malibu. he styles and fixes mosaics. and this time hes working right next to the beach, in a swimming pool. so he could swim in the ocean at lunch. i just want to go. i want to be well. i want to swim, and lay on the beach, and walk along the shore line.

hes taking my nephew. who has worked for him for the last two years. my nephews first time in u.s.a. he is so excited, and apprehensive. you see my nephew is on the autistic spectrum. what makes me angry is he went to a special needs school, however when he left at 16 the only prospects for him would of been stacking shelves or working in a warehouse ( which is fine if that is what you want to do). however as he has mild difficulties, my dad decided to take him under his wing. they are quite similiar in some respects, so at times they clashed. however two years down the line, he is very good at what he does. he like straight lines, things have to be perfect. so hes gone from an average job, into something that could earn him a lot of money. hes already worked in alot of stars houses ( which he loves). why can these kids be given a chance. all they need is time and extra help. and something could be made of their lives.

back to travel. how i miss the warmth of the sea. dipping in the english channel just isnt the same. when ive been to brighton, the water is freezing cold, and a bit mouldy. naively, three years ago i went to cornwall. the day was sunny and warm, and i thought the sea would be the same. forget it. i spent to many summers in the med, to spoilt, with the warm waters. oh i wish it was me going.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It is brilliant to read the opportunity your nephew has been given and taken on with such success. Well done to your father for providing that career path. It sounds like a fantastic way to make a living.

I can sympathise with your frustration. I get that looking at old photographs from abroad or even reading books situated overseas. Its hard not to. The desire to get out from the same surroundings can be intolerable at times and more so when you see an opportunity you are missing.

I'd imagine there will be other opportunities in future once you are on the path to recovery. Give it as much time as it needs and one day you will be living your dreams and they will be all the better because of the times you missed out.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i think all kids should be able to get some chance in life. it wasnt easy on my dad, as coping with a learning disadvantage can be difficult. however my dad is a bit of a moaner too, so i think they have both done well too stick at it!

oh and the travelling, how i miss it. i so want to swim in some warm sea. thats my aim.