18 July 2009

you & me.

my eleven year old niece drew this picture of us both. how i wish i could see things through an eleven year olds eyes. how simple and un-self concious life would be. when do we start to be aware of ourselves in life? i know when i was a kid i wasnt. i think it must be around teenager time. and it never leaves us. why is being aware of ourselves so important? whats that got to do with cavemen. been reading more lately, and what our problems they all seem to relate back to cavemen times.

my weekly outing. lovely sunny warm day. i managed to get dressed. rest. then get to the car. the seat is put back, i take my lovely smelling pillow, my tablets, and my blood pressure machine. on the way, we pass a lovely dog walking field, set near some woods. its called sparrows den, theres a lot of wild life there. two nights ago mid-way, there was a shooting. someone was killed. its still crawling with police. apparently a football coach was shot, by a gunmen hiding in the bushes. such a tranquil place, such a horrible crime.

managed to get up to 8 miles. then travelled back. mum stopped off at cafe nero to collect a tea, and we park the other side of the wooded area. i was out for over one and a half hours. i need to do this for the hospital appointment. took my blood pressure a few times. its ok, if not still low my pulse was in the 50s. and we got a paper and came home. exhausted. now im in bed. as i saw the people walking down the high street, i just thought they do not know how lucky they are being able to walk. you dont realise things in life until they are taken away from you. then you appreciate. small things like a little picture drawn for the right reasons.

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