13 July 2009


my sister spend the afternoon here. plonked on the bed, with her two dogs. i must post a picture of them. nearing dinner time she said would i like to have them the night. yippeeee. sad i know getting excited over two dogs,but they are such company. so now as im typing the are at the end of the bed sleeping. i can see why people get big dogs, when ive been eating my lunch i slipped them a bit of cheese, gave them some dogs treats and if i could i would of given them some chocolate ( i know its bad for dogs so i havent). so i think if i owned a dog it would have a rather rotund body, and little sticky out legs. how can you resist not giving them a treat when their little faces look at you like they havent eaten in years!

on a good note, saturday i went out. i sat in the car with the seat reclinded, pillow behind my head. i have to go to an appointment at kings college, in august, so i thought it would see how i would go. i didnt do so bad. i took my blood pressure whilst out, it went up and down, however my pulse was good. i spent over an hour out, only local, around five miles. however i was tired the next day. hope things improve soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Dogs are great company. You get so much back off them. I would love to to have dogs again.

Congratulations on getting out. I'm not surprised you are tired as I'll bet there was a lot of tension and anxiety involved in that journey. 5 miles is fantastic. I wish you well with more of those and hope you make sure its gradual and only when you are up to it. Hopefully with time it will get easier.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan
i would love a dog, and i think looking after my sisters dogs i can get a taster of what being responsible for one is really like. weve got them for a second night to. i just dont want to get a dog then get fed up and pass it on. as i think that makes for an unhappy dog. and i would feel really bad.

fingers crossed i will feel better with the hospital visit. im practising what ive learnt in the past. im going to try twice a week, a little further each time, going nearer the hosptial. ive been to kings before, im just not sure of the route, which sometimes helps me. hope im okay.