31 July 2009


im exhausted. had another drive to kings college today. my eleven year old niece came. i was so apprehensive before going. i just thought that i never had to have anything done today, so try not to worry. my niece made us laugh so much. must say dulwich village is really nice, alot of eclectic shops. out the other side and we were nearly there. saw a lady ga ga looky likey, which impressed my niece. got stuck up the side of the maudsley, where we decided to turn around to come home, and in london impatient fashion everyone started to toot toot. so to make my niece laugh i leant over and beeped the hooter a few times. luckily the queue didnt last long and we were off.

i lay in the garden for an hour, caught some sun on my legs, i felt so warm i didnt want to get up. i did. now im in bed tired, drained, and wanting to sleep, but resisting until later on.


Coffeecup said...

Oh wow! You're showing so much strength and commitment to this task Alice that it's quite an inspiration. It sounds as though today's journey was filled with happy moments and interesting places to keep you amused. I do hope it's becoming easier and less threatening?

What's a ga ga lady? Ha ha! Am I being thick? X

alice said...

hi steph

lady ga ga, is a singer, i only found that out a couple of weeks ago, shes quite unique, carries a tea cup around with her.

im still nervous about going, why dont tasks get easier? but i know that if i find the route, it will be a little easier in my head, on the day. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Its going really well at the moment. Is your niece available to go on the day as she sounds like a little character who as well as bringing joy may give you a distraction too on the journey.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i think my niece maybe coming. and my sister, due to parking, the drop of point is right outside the building, but the parking is right round the other side of the building, and as i want to leave at the last minute so as not to hang around once were there, we have asked them to come so my sister can park the car afterwards. hope things work out for me, fingers crossed. thanks.x