1 August 2009

next order

the front of the cushion is inspired from a cushion at charleston, ive taken pieces, such as the flowers and added different stitches to surround them. the back was some material from ikea, and the colour of the buttons i just love. it didnt cost anything to make,as i had all the materials.

these were originally going to be spectacle cases, however i buggered the pattern up, and so the spectacles wouldnt slide in. so they have been transformed into book marks.

i made these goods before i became unwell in april/may. i thought within the next few weeks i should try to send them out. the red bag has a tapestry border, and the grey leaf bag is lined with tangerine fabric. i miss not being able to make things. im sure soon i will be feeling material beneath my fingers, and hearing the hum of the sewing machine.

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