6 July 2009


i've had the laptop for three days. and with a little (lot) of help from my sister, i'm sitting in bed typing. im totally unable to use any modern technology. really. but you know what i didnt get annoyed or angry, normally i would be quite impatient, blood boiling. yet i'm the one sitting im bed, whilst a few fs and bs were leaving my sisters lips. then bingo, on-line. now i just need to find my way around this new system.

progress. still at eight and a half stone. ive been observing my behaviour too. when im a little happy the body issues are in check. when i cant do something then i notice that i slip a bit. i can look at myself dressed in the mirror and think that i look slim. good start. yet when i examine myself closely i see the growing me. i know that i have to override these thoughts this time. no question. yet just does to show what a mood does to your thought processes.

ive been sitting in the garden too. soaking up the sun, even using sun cream. although my head was in the shade. the garden is in full bloom now. bees feeding off the huge unruly lavendar bush. butterflies. the odd cat.

tablets. i haven't took a tablet in years. a while back i kind of had an odd relationship with panadol extra, taking them most days. until in 2002 i stopped. until now.
after my stay in hospital im on 13 tablets a day. yep that many. i would of refused normally but i grabbed at anything. and i think with the tablets and improving my weight im feeling a little better. ( why do i keep using little!).

now i can look over all your blogs from the comfort of my bed. yipee!.


diver said...

That's great news Alice - about the new technology and being back online! I hope the Vitamin D from the sun and the Vitamin Blog from the net are good pickups for you.

Your description of the garden was terrific, I visualised it clearly for an instant :)

Hey, what sort of laptop did you end up with?

Melinda said...

Hope you enjoy playing with the laptop. You'll be proficient in no time!

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

You really are on the road to recovery and taking things at a very sensible pace. Hopefully the laptop will provide some much needed occupation and stave off the boredom.

Great news about your weight. That is so essential to your well being so fantastic that it is at a good level at the moment.

Take care


alice said...

hi diver,
im so glad i have access to a garden. its really pretty at the moment. theres a pond to, so the birds come in to wash themselves.

the laptop is a compaq. its a medium priced one. i just hope i can get to grips with working it.

alice said...

hi melinda

i hope i can understand this new laptop. give me a piece of material and a pair of scissors and im ready to go, a new phone, and im confused!

alice said...

hi nechtan
the weight is something to work on. and i seem to have no other choice. i need a balance, and after many years im realising this. time, and patience is needed. thanks.