1 July 2009


the heat is getting to me a little. well quite alot. ive managed to lay in the garden on a lounger, for an hour, ( sorry if i repeat myself, or make spelling errors, i havent enough sitting up time to correct them!). im nearly around 8 and a half stone. a weight which i havent been in over ten years. feeling a little heavy. im overriding these thoughts with health thoughts. ive no choice.

got a letter through from kings college today, saying they have put my appointment forward for the tilt table test, to two weeks time. im not ready, so im asking to keep my original appointment in august, that way i have 6 weeks to gain a little more weight, and hopefully feel a little better. before i would of just agreed, and went, and maybe not be able to do the test. so im learning. i just hope they have the original appointment available.


gomen said...

hi alice,

im so glad to hear you are ok. sounds like you've been though a lot, but you sound optimistic. that makes me happy.

it's been hot where i am, too. got to 103 F yesterday. it's too much for me, i hope it cools down. autumn will be nice.

went to the dentist and the funny thing is she could tell i had anxiety without me saying anything. apparently it's affected my jaw bones/hinge and tongue. i never knew a dentist could read so much.

alice said...

hi gomen

i think when a person grinds there teeth, it shows in there jaw bone, thats a sure sign of anxiety.