28 July 2009

looking abit rough. this morning, i felt exhausted, the weekend is catching up on me. we had my sisters dogs last night. they were good as always. in the morning they jump on the bed and want a cuddle. also managed to go out. only a four mile drive. took the blood pressure machine, my bp was ok, but my pulse was 54, which is good but a bit low. yet i still feel panic, but my pulse is that low i dont understand. whilst sitting by the woodland area, my mum walked to the post box and took the two dogs. when google street view came around the corner. it went past me lazing back on the seat, with a pillow tucked behind my head.. so if they are updating the usual one,i will try and find a still of us on the new one. my sister has gone to the bbc today to take a tour with my niece. she is home schooled, so the home schoolers are going in a group. and we have the dogs yippee!.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It is amazing how the exhaustion catches up from things that we used to do without effort. But again you didn't let it hold you back and got out on another drive- good on you!

That's interesting about Google Street View. I think its a brilliant service and I for one would be lost without it.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

cant agree more with the things we used to do making us not tired. or with me not as tired as this.

i took a peek a street view when you mentioned looking at it. im like a big kid flicking through, grinning. amazed with technology.

diver said...

Hi Alice, just dropping by to say I hope you're well, and to apologize for my lack of comments lately.

PS ... I enjoyed that photo of you. Thanx for sharing it, it was good to see you so 'real' like that :)