19 July 2009


my weekly pill intake! i wouldnt even take one headache tablet a few years back. now i take thirteen a day. i dont know what i would do without them.

i know when i first came home my sister bought me the pill organiser. i thought please. but it has come in handy, i dont have to think when i take this one or that one.

went out again today. only four miles. lay down in the car with my pillow. went to caffe nero, and drove to our little spot in the quiet by the wooded area. i drank a little tea. then came home. im trying not to push myself. just go slowly.

also trying to fool my head into believing nice things. before i went i told myself that, i couldnt wait to get out. i would really enjoy myself. i dont know whether or not it worked, but im going to build this technique up and not let the, doubters, into my thoughts. really they are like bad friends telling you, you cant do something. i will see how it goes.


diver said...

Hi Alice, hope you're feeling good. I have about a hundred of those 'pill organizer' boxes that I use to store beads and silver jewellery fittings. They're very handy aren't they.

I like the sound of your 'positive thinking' approach. That was an excellent metaphor you used about doubters and bad friends. Very true.

I like your new margin picture too ('Stone Picker'). I imagine she must have been tired all the time too!

alice said...

hi diver

what a good idea to put beads into them. i get little metal boxes that have had mints in them to store buttons. i love retro boxes to.

well see how this turn around goes in my thoughts. i know that i need to keep doing it.

the stone picker, i like that picture too. years back when i used to visit the galleries, tate britain, the national gallery, v and a i would collect postcards. i thought i would put them up.

when im well iwould like to visit tate modern, even if i have to be pushed round there in my wheelchair.

hope your better.x

Coffeecup said...

My word! That's a fair few tablets to organise. Hope they get you on the mend sweetie.

I like your idea of visualising things going well prior to going out. It's too easy to think the worst and feel dread before an event so imagining the best can work equally. Great technique seeing yourself happy then feeling it. Superb positive thinking Alice.

alice said...

hi steph

i must of been really unwell to take that lot!

im not sure if this is going to work yet, imagining the best. but i know i have to try something. and being still unwell, and holed up in my bedroom the sun seems welcoming outside. i really need to achieve something. i will tell you how it goes.x

Coffeecup said...

Lets hope for some more of that lovely summer sun that's gone missing right now. I agree that just getting outside can restore a sense of well being. If only to watch the bugs on the flowers it's enough for me. I look forward to reading of your progress hunny :-) xx

alice said...

hi steph

its right what you say about restoring your wellbeing. ive sat in the sun for a few days, and feeling the warmth on my skin was, well really warming and nice.