31 August 2009


ten more unusual facts about me, working my way to 100 slowly.

11. i have drove a passenger ferry (sealink)across to calais from dover, well i drove it for a few minutes anyway.

12. only been stung by a bee once in my lifetime.

13. im very forgetful, especially of late, thats why the title of the blog is called 'im confused', im learning to embrace my forgetfulness instead of getting angry with myself.

14. ive rode in a gondola. (twice).

15. i dont use capitals, apostrophes etc on my blog. im being a rebel, or damn right lazy. someday i might start.

16. sensitive to smells. i once booked into a french hotel, it smelt, had a stuffed badger in reception, after half an hour of putting up with the chemical smell, i booked out again.

17. weirdest food eaten, nothing to weird, oxs tongue. like corned beef, my brother and i bought it when we was allowed to choose our lunch from the deli. urgh!

18. been vegetarian for near on 16 years. although thinking about eating fish since ive been unwell.

19. i love chocolate.

20. i have been plucking my grey hair out since i was 16. now i think its time to stop. is it normal to be 35 and have a few ( well ok more than a few grey hairs)?.


Coffeecup said...

ha ha that was great!

Is it normal to have grey hairs at 35? I certainly hope so because I've been colouring mine for the last few years x

diver said...

Excellent Alice, love these sorts of posts. People are just so fascinating I think!

I agree that embracing one's disability is better than fighting it and getting angry about it all the time. I remember reading a book many years ago called 'Love Your Illness'. It was about how everything that happens to us happens for a reason, all part of a 'spiritual' process. The thesis was, when one is stuck in a disability and there's no way 'out' of it, then the best option was to go 'into' it. I've always thought of it as a rather interesting proposition.

Grey hair at 35? Hmm. Maybe you're just an old soul in a young body? ;-)

Sarah♥ said...

34 and covered in grey. My father went grey at 21 so not at all surprising really..its in my genes (or so i keep telling myself).

Loving these little facts :)


alice said...

hi steph

oh im glad i asked that questions. thinking its about time to stop plucking these grey hairs out. im normal for once. xx

hi diver

sorry to squash your myth on hastings, but it really is true.
im still trying to embrace my forgetfulness, trying to see it as part of me, something that will not go away. so love it. xx

hi sarah

see what sharing some information does, its making me feel better. thought i was the only one with grey. must start getting the dye out! thanks. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

I enjoyed those and hope you do more in the future. Forgetfulness I can relate to. Our mind seems so occupied all of the time that I think it leaves little room for remembering- unless its something negative.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

glad you like them. i will be sure to write a few more soon. aiming for a hundred.

as for confusion. my heads so woolly. i have to accept thats how it is.