1 September 2009


setting the scene; around 10pm, im in bed, complaining of aches and pains, being tired, generally whingeing, whilst dad is getting his clothes ready for work the next morning.

me; oh im so tired, my back aches, i look pretty rough.

dad; why dont you have a lay in, in the morning?

me; ive lain in for the last four and a half months.

dad; p****d himself with laughter.

end of joke. except this joke is my life!!!


Joanne said...

Hello Alice
I found your blog through my google alerts and noticed you too live in Surrey although I.m more than twice your age.
I wondered if you had considered the possibility that Lyme Disease might be the cause of your ME/CFS. In UK lyme is considered very rare but in fact there is a huge controversy over the tests about 50% unreliable that's even if you get tested although NICE guidelines say that it must be ruled out before giving a ME/CFS diagnosis.
Then the controversy is over treatment ILADS say long term antibiotics although HPA say they follow IDSA guidelines which are currently under review.

There is so much information if you want to read my story of ME/CFS diagnosis to Lyme then it is on the right bottom of my blog
At the top right are links into many interesting websites especially Lyme Disease action and a chat line Eurolyme of which 75% of members were first diagnosed with ME/CFS.

I hope you don't mind me commenting.

Good luck with finding what works for you.

Coffeecup said...

Hi Alice, oh dear, I don't think your Dad was laughing at your predicament. Your response was so succinct that it did sound like very dry sarcastic wit. My Dad finds humour in the darkest of my comments too. Hope your feeling okay hunny?

alice said...

hi joanne

its just been discovered that i have p.o.t.s..
i have heard of the difficult findings of lyme disease. the blood tests not being to correct.

of course i dont mind you commenting, any nugget of information that can make things better is worth knowing.

already had a little peek at your blog, lovely pictures. i will be sure to read in more detail soon, a little tired at the moment.

im in lovely croydon!! no jokes please.

thanks xx

hi steph

im glad this time i could see the funny side of things, i to laughed along. theres nothing to do but laugh, at the craziness of my situation at the moment. only hoping soon things will improve.

im not so bad, so so, pottering along. had a bit of a dip last week, but to be expected. thanks xx