29 August 2009


doc came out yesterday. she said the lumps seem ok. however shes going to send me for a mammogram. that should be interesting. im feeling pretty unwell at the moment. and i have the neurologist to see mid-september. im hoping im well enough.

last two days have i have spent in bed. shattered. the two steps back theory is unwelcome. i like going forward. it gives me hope. being able to get out, has cheered me up. then to spent a few days in bed is no fun. watching endless t.v because i cant do nothing else is mind numbing.

i just want to be well. soon.


Ellen said...

I'm hoping you're feeling better soon Alice....Your fighting spirit will pull you through soon I bet.

Sarah♥ said...

I hope you get well soon too..


alice said...

hi ellen

thanks for that. its good to come to a place where people are supportive of one another. and i hope things work out for all of us.x

hi sarah

thanks, im crossing my fingers once more!. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

There is usually a reason for the setbacks which we don't see ourselves and also don't see coming. Usually its overdoing but possibly in your own case its a result of the new stress and worry you've had over the lumps which would be enough to wear out anyone. Its not a nice place to be and very frustrating but it will pass and you will get back to where you were.

That is good news with the initial visit of the doctor. Hopefully that is a good sign. Just a pity you have to go out for an examination but hopefully by the time that comes along you will be more refreshed and ready. Since coming out of hospital you have been making great progress so I'm sure you will get back to that level soon and hopefully beyond.

All the best


Rachael said...

Hi Alice

Im sorry to hear you havent been well, i hope your mammogram goes ok and you start to feel better soon, im sure you will.
I recently had a bout of illness that lasted for nearly 4 months and was in hospital quite a bit, it really brings you down i know and sets you back but it will get back on track and things will improve.


The gig was really good thanks, it would have been better if i had had someone to go with but i still enjoyed it.

Take care

diver said...

Hi Alice, tis a long lost diver returning to the fold and :( to read that you've got some blues.

Are you still on that cocktail of pills you mentioned awhile back? If you are, maybe some of those drugs are interacting unhelpfully to run you down and disturb your glands and give you lumps and bumps and stuff ?

In any case, fingers crossed for you xo

alice said...

hi nechtan

i too hope that this is a little blip along the way to recovery. its just, as im sure you know, when your in the hole its hard to get out. although with everyones positive encouragement on here, its helping. x

hi rachael

thanks, im sure you know how illness rips into your confidence. brings you down.

im so glad you got to the concert and enjoyed yourself, thats so brilliant. work on the smaller venues, then in the future im sure you will make london. im really pleased for you. x

hi diver

will look forward to reading your blog.
yep still on the numerous drugs, and i cant see a time when im not taking them. im hoping that i will be ok, trying not to think beyond the days end right now.
hope your well.x