17 August 2009

first project

a few weeks back i started to stitch again. something simple. black felt with some pink and yellow french knots. any guesses what the pouch holds? nothing glamourous just my disability badge. i applied for one last october and felt a bit of a fraud. in january i had the assessment, and i was granted one straight away. i thought, i cant be that bad. its on a temporary basis, so after three years ( i hope im not ill that long) i will have another assessment instead of being granted one for life.

also with the help of my mum, i asked her to make me a bag. she done a great job. and finished an old project of a bag off. now im making my niece a waist bag. its a cross between the old fashioned bum bags( do you remember them?!) and a market stall holders bag. its made of pretty material, and you loop it around your waist. hoping i have enough energy to make it. also im finishing off a rug, very slowly. i have a few unfinished projects which i want to finish before starting any new ones.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Its another good sign. To have an interest means your thoughts are being put in a more constructive direction and how we could all do with more of that. It feels like you have an apetite back for this work which must also be pleasing.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i just love making things. and always have done, since i was a small child. using my hands takes my mind off of other things. i cant seem to do alot otherwise my neck aches, and my eyes go funny. so i need to pace myself in activities. i love it.

Coffeecup said...

Ha ha I love your badge holder, it's so cute.

I have to tie up loose ends too before I can start on something new and that goes for everything.

Judging by the artistic brilliance and quality of your work then all your stuff is well worth taking to completion. It's great to read your taking an interest again and it doesn't matter if it's a few stitches each night. XXX

Ellen said...

French knots! When I saw your photo Alice, I was catapulted back to my grade eight home-ec class, the last time I did any needlework.

I've had a bag of nice cotton yarn for a few months for knitting a scarf, but broke the knitting needle right away. So I need to get needles, then I'm going to knit. It was recommended to me as a way to relax, so I'm going to try it. Though I don't have a crafty bone in my body, unlike you...

alice said...

hi steph

ive been wanting to take up the needle since i was ill, i just couldnt focus my eyes on anything, it hurt to much. like a chef that knows how to make a receipe out of odds and sods, you give me some scraps of material and im in my element. its something that i can lose myself in, like you with the allotment, time passes so quickly and you dont even realise. that cant be bad can it? thanks.x

hi ellen

i really would recommend some craft activities. im bias i know, when i started seriously 12 years ago, two or so hours would pass and i couldnt understand how. what they call 'in the flow'. try something simple to start with, and im sure you will lose yourself too! x.(oh and dont put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect, something that i have learnt.)

Melinda said...

It looks great! Keep up the crafting.