16 August 2009

lucky old me.

firstly my mother went into croydon today( not that thats a treat!), but she works hard all week, then helps me to do things, and others. so she had a few hours to herself. my dad stayed in the garden tending his plants. when i said shall we go out. going out adds a few more difficulties now, i need a seat that can lay back, well i couldnt go in his vw, i couldnt go in the old sports car in the garage because im sure its sorned. so that left the vw camper. mmmmm. was a little apprehensive in case it wouldnt start when we stopped. threw caution to the wind. it was a beautiful day, and i layed in the back of the camper. we drove to crystal palace, however i knew i wouldnt be able to get out even if i had the wheelchair as i cant sit up for long. so sad us, got a tea and sat in the back of the camper, in the car park of crystal p. i said this is the perfect disabled van. i could of fit the w-chair in, i can lay down, and if i need the loo then we have one,(i didnt).

came home, and sat in the garden for a few hours, sunbathing. i didnt feel to tired. i heard someone call my name. my sister had brought their small pony. she bravely drives the horse box, a huge lorry type thingy, and bought the tinest of shetland ponies out. clip, cloping, into the front garden. if i cant get to the pony, the pony shall come to me. such a sweet, well mannered pony. not bigger than an average sized dog. he nayed a few times, munched a few of the flowers, and was soft to touch. ahhhhhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

The pony sounds lovely. I know my wife for one would be over the moon at such a meeting. She loves anything equine.

Well done you and your dad for getting out when it would have been easier to stay indoor. Also good that you were not feeling any tiredness in the garden- good sign.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

im trying not to do to much. i know that i could do a little more, but im holding back. this morning i was more tired, i think yesterday has caught up with me.

i have to use restraint, something that im not used to. but i have to, i have no choice this time.

and the pony so sweet, i will try and get a picture, if anytime in the future hes brought back to us.

Alexandra Rising said...

I'd love to see a picture of the pony, too! :)

alice said...

hi alexandra

i will get a little picture, or try too. hes so sweet and affectionate. xx