13 August 2009

sad day

my sisters dog had to be put down. so sad. i remember when i had to have my cat put down, it was awful. gut wrenching. sobbing. whenever anyone spoke about him in the months afterwards i cried. or left the room. why are tender balls of fluff so emotive. these animals that cant speak, cause so much physical pain, when they are no longer here. hope hes pain free now. why dont they live longer?


Coffeecup said...

Losing a pet is utterly heartbreaking. So sad :-(

I wish they lived longer too! I have two faithful loving dogs who make me smile every day. I dread that day. Sorry for you guys xxx

alice said...

hi steph

thanks for that, its like a physical pain too. right in the middle of your chest. they are so loving. oh its such a shame. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Sorry to hear about your loss. I love dogs but refuse to have any now because of this part of having pets. It is heartbreaking. After my two dogs died I made the decision not to have any more which is a shame because they give so much joy.


alice said...

hi nechtan

i was thinking about getting a dog, and im not sure what to do. i know the pain when i lost my cat. but that was 14 years ago now so its passed. its a difficult decision.x