10 September 2009

who built the ark???????

as you know recently ive been taking care of my sisters two dogs. ive grown attached to their scrumptious-ness. ive been thinking for a couple of years now about getting a dog. then i always think of a reason not to have one, vets bills, holidays, ( havent been away for a long time!)responsibilities. i thought stop, you always do this, look on the negative side of things. so maybe, just maybe, i will be owning a little puppy next may. my sister is going to have pups with little rosie. so archie (below) may have a little brother to play with when he comes round.
that got me thinking of names. i would prefer a boy dog. after running through a host of names, including minty, rex, etc, i liked noah. how do people with kids choose their names i really dont know. its such a difficult decision to lumber a child with one name for life. anyway, i started to look out for little reasons, or coincidences to call him the name i choose. sitting in the car a couple of days ago whilst waiting for some tea, a grey van man pulled out of a turning his first three letters on his number plate were, NOA. then reading the newspaper i find out that neil diamonds real name is yes you guessed it NOAH ...........( cant remember his surname). mum had to pop to the accountants this morning and it was in (nope not noah), ARK house, by this time im thinking mmmmmmmm. then once the office stuff had been done we went for tea, by this time i was exhausted from yesterday and wanting to go home, but we parked by the woods and sat. im taking my camera out regularly now so it was in the door handle. when a man popped out of the woods with a clip board. i couldnt believe my eyes. i said to my mum 'its bloody NOAH'. we both burst out laughing, i had to take a picture to show my sister,(its a bit of a running joke). what he must of thought i dont know. i pretended to take pictures of trees, wildlife, when i caught him in the woods.

please dont think im ga ga. i put it down to tiredness. i think ive found a name for a boy dog. but what about a girl? i must look out for some more signs!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachael said...

That picture is so cute!

I really hope you get a dog, i dont know what i would do without my Jimmy, he's always so happy to see me and makes me feel so much better.

btw i named Jimmy after James Dean :)and i love the name Noah.

alice said...

hi rachael

i can see what you mean when you say they make you feel so much better. how old is your dog? jimmy good name for a dog too. i like noah, came out of nowhere, just stuck on a girls name.

Alexandra Rising said...

Awwwww. What a cute puppy!

Anonymous said...

boy dog... girl dog... if you want call Noah, go for it!!! There is no rules for this type thing :) If it suits, it's right. Call your dog what YOU want, hon. Xx Will love you the same.

Melinda said...

Hope you do go ahead and get a puppy. Or a cat! I love our kitty. A dog is a great friend.

alice said...

hi alex

little archie is nearly two, but still acts like a pup! so cute is he. x

hi anon

i think your quite right, the dog wont mind what its called. all it needs is love, oh and some food, and walkies!. x

hi melinda

i had a cat when i was young, and never thought i was a dog person. but these little yorkies are like cats, but you get the benefit of walking them, thats when i can walk.x

Ellen said...

Ha ha, that is funny about the name, and the old gentleman does look exactly like I'd imagine Noah. When you have a strong desire, like yours for a dog, I've found it usually works out, and getting one is the right thing to do! May seems a long time to wait though...

alice said...

hi ellen

i think we can all look out for coincidences, and that bloke in the woods, woooow, what a coincidence!!!

i think you might be right, with the strong desire. its a pull towards something that may well make me feel better. thanks ellen.x