9 September 2009

jolly doctors.

cysts. lots and lots of cysts.

i had the appointment at the hospital this morning. an early rise, anyone with pots knows potsies dont do early. once at the hospital i sat or rather i slouched for ten minutes before asking for somewhere to lie down. they already had a note of this so i was showed into the examination room. as i lay and watched the clock tick by, i noticed that my anxiety wasn't that high, most probably because i was alone, but for my w-chair pusher (mum).

a happy clinician came in, made me undress, placed some cold gel on, then ultra sounded me. straight away she noticed cysts. lots of them. then the radiographer came in and checked.
and what a jolly man he was. making the time go quickly and pleasantly. he asked what p.o.t.s was. i told him, that i had it two years, and was diagnosed in may of this year. his response was ' i bet they thought you were crazy in the beginning', i laughed and said 'yes'. he said, 'us doctors think all patients that cant be diagnosed are crazy'. i liked his honesty.

they said they could pop them. but then they could get infected. and with pots i don't need infections. so for now i will put up with the pain. i was told also that i could go back if i needed anymore help. all in all an efficient, quick service from the nhs. why cant all there services be like this?


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Brilliant news. That must be a massive weight that has been lifted from your mind. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did.

How refreshing to get a doctor like that. It sounds like he really helped pass the time. There is nothing worse than getting a stone-faced jobsworth lacking even the most basic emotion.

It is good that this has now past and I hope you can get a little rest as you are no doubt tired before looking forward.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Hello sweetie. So sorry for not getting back to you yet, I've been unable to move with a trapped nerve in my back. Ouchy!!

I am so happy that the lumps are nothing sinister. What a massive relief that must have been. It's a bugger that you have these cysts but you don't have to make any decisions just yet right? Just leave them be until such time as you feel ready to act. Can I just say well done for getting through that examination and not even getting anxious!

That comment about docs labelling anything they don't understand as crazy makes me pretty mad. I guess that guy was just being cynically honest, sounds like he was on your side. More of that...yes please.

As for your fringe. I think you're beautiful without one, but sometimes it's nice just to have a change and a new hairdo could be just the ticket. Take care fabulous.


alice said...

hi nechtan

yep, good news. i tried not to think beyond the appointment, so as not to worry, and it worked.

the doc seemed like a bit of a maveric, offbeat.

i am exhausted today, really tired, spent the afternoon in bed. thanks.x

hi steph

thanks, im relieved. thank goodness someone was out there looking after me. the appointment, i knew i was nervous, perhaps like a normal person would be, i was sweating so i knew that i wasnt completely calm.

hope your back eases up soon, otherwise the allotment will go to ruin! seriously having a pain, does effect your moral.

oh i left the cysts as they are. if they do get anymore painful i can get them drained i dont want to get them infected. even though the doc said that one of them already had been infected, it was the lump that the doc checked. it was painful.

and a haircut im in need of one. thanks. x

Ellen said...

Hi Alice - That's excellent news. And a doctor with a sense of humour who is not condescending - nice find. Cheers, Ellen

alice said...

hi ellen

a rarerity a doc with a sense of humour! X