7 September 2009


just realised looking at my last picture, perhaps i should have a fringe. got a bit of a tefal head going on here. what do you reckon?


Sarah♥ said...

YES! Defintely...i would not be without mine :)

Sarah♥ said...

I just looked at your pic and you have a similar shape face to mine!!

lotte said...

If you are nervous going for the full fringe start with one that is a side fringe maybe and then go for the full one, thats what i did x

alice said...

hi sarah

been thinking about a fringe for a while. i can always grow it, if i dont like it. i need a change. x

hi lotte

good idea. im usually an all or nothing kind of person, so i would take the full plunge!. hopefully soon i will be able to have my hair cut properly. i will post a picture if i do. x