4 September 2009

some pictures.

thought i would post some pictures. ive been taking my camera out more recently. above, i still look rough, but hey im out. i think the idea of parting with the camper has had the adverse effect, the parents are using it more. the little dog, archie, my sisters dog is a great companion, and a distraction. it really is true that animals calm you down. these do anyway.

truly scrumptious. i know yorkies have a bad press. they are seen as yappy little dogs. these arent, they were trained properly so dont bite or bark at people, well balanced dogs. my legs can usually been seen propped up on the dashboard, its so the blood doesnt pool in my calves, making my p.o.t.s worse. not that im a slouchy moo.

little rosie. or rosebud as i call her. shes archies mum, so so sweet. she lays on you and flops her delicate little head on your chest. she had a rough start in life, but now with the care from my sister shes loving the new environment.

crystal palace. the stairs were the entrance to the crystal palace. the palace was removed from the great exhibition in london in 1851 ( think thats the right date), and placed in upper sydenham, south london. soon the area became know as crystal palace. it burnt down in the war. now there are two television towers, the stairs remain, alot of festivals are held here in the summer, and athletics take place here too . a bus with a view. ive just noticed alot of my pictures are taken from the inside of cars!

thought i would add a picture of dulwich library. its a pretty building, taken on my way to kings hospital. thank goodness for digital cameras. ive learnt to just keep taking pictures, and you might get one out of a few that are good.

and the nature reserve where a number of our back garden frogs have a knew home. my niece took my camera, when she and my dad took the dogs for a walk. i said to take a few interesting photos. she took this one. pretty good.


Rachael said...

the doggies are lovely :)
They are wonderful companions, i dont know what i would do without my dog Jimmy


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Its good that things are going so well and I love the pics. Strangely a lot of my photos recently have been taken from inside of a car too though my wife has told me to stop it as I am usually driving at the time.

That is a great one taken by your niece too. Those kind of areas are great. Its nice to just stay a while and see what signs of live you can find. The camera, I feel, gives you a reason to go looking for new things to capture.

All the best


diver said...

Thanx for sharing those photos! I really enjoy exploring distant lands through blogpics, especially the 'ordinary' scenes like ponds and sidestreets and alotments. It's a nice connection between bloggers I think.

And that Rosie is too cute Alice, what a lovely little face. That pic put an instant smile on mine :)

alice said...

hi rachael

i can really understand the attraction of dogs now. i used to be soooo scared of them. they dont answer back either!. x

hi nechtan

you take pictures whilst driving, your a better driver than me! i found when i was walking, that i couldnt walk and talk on a mobile, strange me.

ive just realised too that you can take as many pictures as you want, and just delete the ones you dont want. i mean in the old days, you just couldnt do that, perhaps thats why i forget to do it now, its so programmed into my memory not to waste pictures. happy snapping. enjoying your photos. x

hi diver

at this minute rosie is wedged beside me and the computer, she just loves people.

i too love looking at others photos. especially from around the world. i like detail too. x

Rachael said...

My mum used to be scared of dogs aswell Alice, now we have a big Staffy who she adores!

Take care

Achelois said...

Love the photo's. We have a staffie (which I can't walk so leave to the others) but I am quite sure he loves me the most!! Two cats who are now 8 & 16 respectively still manage the occasional kitten chase around the house.

For my pots, keeping up salt intake, water & the beta blockers does help.

Think you are looking better than you think - wishing you happy days.

alice said...

hi achelois,

im just learning what to do with the pots. im pretty sure ive had it a long time, although the last two years have been bad.

the docs have given me for the symptoms, midodrine, beta blockers, fludrocortisone, domperidone, and paroxtine. im much better than i was in may, but pretty much stuck in bed all day.

getting out is a treat, something which i relish. hope your well.x

alice said...

hi rachael

its funny i was so scared of dogs, and now i thinking of getting one. they are great company. x