5 October 2009

altogether now, ahhhhh........

me aged around 6/7 years old. with my kitten on the right. i begged my mum to get a cat, when i learnt that my aunts cat was having kittens. she said, 'ask your father', so i begged my dad knowing that he would probably say no. he relented after a while. and we got timmy. he was the runt, the littlest of the litter. i could fit him in my hand. here he is with his three brothers. my aunt kept one and the other one went to a home in kent.

we had him until i was 20. and unfortunately he had kidney problems. for four or so years we took him to the vet to have monthly injections, twice yearly blood tests. and special food. until at the age of 14 we had to have him put down. healthy looking, i put him in his little wicker basket and off to the vet he went. i couldnt bare going. now we have his ashes on the mantle piece with a few little cats on top. he was a character. when we travelled he stayed over my aunts.

look at my hair, still the same style!!! and with the annoying cow lick in the fringe i notice. loving the red socks with the patent shoes.


Robert said...

You were a really cute kid!

Your story about your cat was a little bit sad. But I think that childhood pets are always special.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Funnily enough that is how I chose our dog when I was younger- the runt of the litter. Maybe there is a compassionate part of us to look after the little ones.

Great photo. Makes you want to take them all home. And the photos from the previous post were great too. Good to see your world.

All the best


alice said...

hi robert

he was a lovely cat. a mind of his own though, but what cat hasnt! x


hi nechtan

yeah i think taking care of the vulnerable little urchins makes us feel good.

i will try to post more pictures, i love taking them whilst out now.x