21 October 2009

another appointment

yet another appointment to attend tomorrow. why do i get nervy? i have to go back to kings college for a VEP and ERG. i know they are both to do with the eyes. resting today, (when dont i rest!).

thought i would put up a picture of the vw, always makes me smile. cheery blue, smiley camper. the picture was taken on sunday at crystal palace. sunday was a busy day there, a war games thingy ( i cant think of the word) was going on, so lots of men clutching their yellow bagged purchases.

i will be ok. i will be ok.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

It is a vicious circle. The appointments take a lot out of you which in turn make the next ones harder because you are not getting the time in between to gather your strength again. It will all go well for you I am sure as you have shown so many times now.

All the best


Achelois said...

I have only read this today so you must have had this test today. Hope the whole hospital merry go round is not to hectic. Believe me I understand it would be so much better to be well and having fun. I hope all the tests mean someone will start to help you feel better soon. You are stronger than you think and I feel soon things will start to get better. Take care ALice and post to say how you are. Sending healing vibes over the wibbly wobbly web - Take care Alice

Ellen said...

Hi Alice,
I was thinking of you today and hope all went fairly well. Tests and appointments are such and unpleasant part of being ill. I trust the doctors can now figure out a treatment plan to get you well again.
Take care, Ellen

alice said...

sorry for the late replies all.

hi nechtan

im lucky in a way that the appointments since september have been roughly two weeks apart so i have some rest. but sure is a vicious circle. xxx


hi achelois

i need all the healing vibes i can get, as im sure you know. hoping they will work. thanks.xxx


hi ellen

thanks, it wasnt so bad, better than i expected. xxx.