18 October 2009

unpleasant aromas

i used to have a good sense of smell. really good. so much so that it got quite annoying at times. some smells to me just stink,

hard boiled eggs, urgh urgh and more urgh.

gas leaks.

stinky french toilets, believe me ive been in a few.

areas where lots of cars change gear, whiffy.

rapeseed fields.

top deck of a ferry. diesel fumes.

petrol in garages, ive only every filled up the car once of twice all the time ive been driving.

the air vents at the backs of televisions.

magazine pages.


when candles have been blown out.

hand sanitizer, phew i choke on that.

i could literally go on and on and never stop on this one.
of late i find my nasal passages letting me down. im sure it has to do with my problems at present.

how to deal with the smells. in my bag i have a small atomizer of perfume, so i can spray the atmosphere around me, lemon and lime wet ones, to place over my nose, oil of olbas stick-up-your-nose-thingy, and if all else fails get out.


diver said...

Yikes Alice, as a person who has lost his sense of smell (completely) that post proved quite mind bending. It was a bit like being a blind person listening to someone describe the environment. Well maybe not, a blind person's case would of course be far more profound than my own.

As I read down your list of smells I 'remembered' nearly every one of them, so weird, to remember smells like that. Gas leaks, stinky toilets, deisel, air vents, magazine pages ... amazing to smell them again and to think they're coming to me from South London (haha)

So thanx for the post Alice, it was an absolute trip for me x :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Oh I love the smell of candles after they are snuffed but I can agree with the rest. On Sunday we had a major whiff alert and that was the horrible smell of damp in the girl's room. Turns out the plumber who came a few months back to fix our washing machine had left a leak. So that will take some time to dry out and in the mean time we have to put up with that smell.

There are lots of smells I hate too. By far the worst for me is curdled milk. My wife if very sensitive to smell so just about every socket in our house has a glade plug-in attached. She also has sprays for the kitchen and is prone to burning incense in the living room.

All the best


alice said...

hi diver

so its not just me then, who thought that there was a chemical spill when i opened the pages of a glossy magazine! x


hi nechtan

glade-plug ins, when i stayed in a cottage a few years back, the whole place had those air freshers, i went round turning them off and opening the windows. i know crazy the things that are suppose to make pleasant smells, overwhelms me! how stupid is that. and curdled milk, urgh i dont even want to think about it.