24 October 2009

beneath the weather

i have a headache. just took a paracetamol. tired, eye bags, red spot on chin, humming along to 'the hills', cuddled up to little dog, cold, dah-de-dah-de-dah.

your getting the drift of my mood.

the appointment at kings went ok. this was the one i was dreading the most. i spent three hours, yep three hours in a small room, having white lights flashed into my eyes, watched black and white checks dance a gig across a computer screen, had to sit up ( urgh!) . the bit i was apprehensive about wasnt too bad, i had gold leaf ( yep real gold) placed on my lower inner eye lids, wires came out and was taped to my cheeks. cope-able. not a problem. the technician that carried out the procedure had an attack of tachycardia herself a while back, and had an autonomic function test ( i had one in august) so we got on fine, chatting which passed the time incredibly quickly. also she was going to put some drops into my eyes but was unsure whether or not it would make my heart beat too fast, so she declined. thank you. although she said i might have to come back if the docs said they would be ok to put in.

i have an appointment with the consultant next wednesday, so im hoping all the test results will be back and i will be enlightened on my condition.

feeling a bit beneath the weather today. hoping i will pick up soon.


Melinda said...

Hope you feel better soon Alice. I'm glad the appointment wasn't too bad. You're a survivor!

Robert said...

I would feel a bit beneath the weather too, if I had gone through what you went through.

I hope that you feel a bit better tomorrow & that you'll get good news on Wednesday.

Rachael said...

That does sound horrible but good to hear you coped with it all.

I hope you feel better soon and you get good news on wedsnesday

Take care

Achelois said...

Sound like you coped admirably - three hours!!!!! Sorry you are feeeling under the weather Alice - do let us know how things go on Wednesday - elst I shall fret!! Take care and look after yourself.

alice said...

hi melinda

thanks, im hoping too that i will feel better sometime soon. x


hi robert

on tenter hooks waiting for tomorrows news. x



i cant quite believe that ive coped with all these tests. i think because i had to made a difference. still cant believe it though.x


hi achelois

i will be sure to post on tomorrows outcome. i have another appointment with the neurologist at kings soon, so im sure he will have more in depth reports on my condition, yet the consultant tomorrow will have the tests back, well im hoping anyway. thanks.x

Nechtan said...

Best of luck tomorrow Alice. I hope all goes well and also that things pick up for you.

All the best


Achelois said...

Just popped in to say am thinking of you today for your hospital appointment. My words are not working today and keep re-reading last sentance and it doesn't get any better but the sentiment is true nevertheless. Take care Alice.

alice said...

hi nechtan

appreciate your luck. thanks.xxx


hi achelois

thanks, im like that too words fail me, the harder i try the worse it becomes!!! xxx