16 October 2009

beware of con men.

with this illness i take things the wrong way. my head is woolly most of the time. so a simple word can have a double meaning, and im off on a completely different train of thought altogether. say for example someone says, a meet up (a get together) i will instantly see a slab of meat and wonder why a piece of meat would have up at the end.

this hasnt always happened, just the last few years, now being the worse.

so when my mum said to me in conversation, 'do you remember when we came back from .................................. in london and you rolled on that man', my instant reaction was 'WHAT'. i hadnt listened to the whole sentence and so missed the blank part out . all i could think of was a mans flesh touching my flesh when he rolled on me, that was my interpretation of what she said. then i started saying, when, what are you talking about???.

i then remembered a time, it was the first day of starting work in lincolns inn, in london when i was approaching east croydon station on the bus, a man got up too early and when the bus broke he sharply fell into my lap. was mum talking about that? really this is how my brain flashes back and forth.

it wasnt until she said, the car, you rolled the car into him remember? oh yes, my first accident. we had just been to the natural history museum with my nieces and nephew and on the way back i was driving through streatham (central locking on) and i gently fairy touched the car in front. anyway he got out ( a mini cab driver) and started to say that i caused a huge amount of damage to his bumper. now note, you do not stop in traffic in streatham unless you want people tooting their horns and road rage. so we bumped up on the path, and dealt with the matter. now i dont mind paying for something if its my fault. nope not a problem at all. he pointed to his bumper which had a mass of grey paint on. yep that was the colour of our car, i thought s**t i couldnt of done that much damage with a little touch of my car. then reinforcements came in. my sister and her six foot son was two cars behind and they joined in the conversation. he seemed a little hesitant then, why i wonder?

little old assertive me (huh), got my camera, which i had taken to the museum and proceeded to take snaps of both the cars. then his little cabbie disc in the front windscreen. i really dont know what came over me. when i checked our bumper carefully there was not a mark on it. and then i kneeled down to check his, the grey paint showing through was undercoat, there were many marks along his bumper which i surely couldnt of done, and he was blaming me for the lot!!!

after a few careful words ( i didnt swear) i gave him my name and address, i took his, and he scuttled along his way.

like i say i dont my paying for something that i am responsible for. but when an opportunist tries to con a bumper out of me then mmmmm, they can bugger off.

funny, i never heard from him.

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Robert said...

I like Assertive Alice! Well done!