13 October 2009


argh. my head is in one of those moods. confused. annoyed that im in this position. fed up with tests. two large bruises either side of my wrists, where the veins burst on saturday. tired eyes. i tend to repeat things too, as my brain forgets.

this morning, or was it yesterday, we were going out, past the local doctors and i saw a particularly misunderstood receptionist ( monster), step of the path and walk in front of my mums car, i asked my mum if she would run her over, guess what she wouldnt so mum slowed down.

today, my fringe, having not been straightened in three days was quite bouffy. it decided to lay half-way up my forehead, in a springy like fashion. well if i wanted it to look like that then i would make it look like that. so all morning im droning on about my bouffy fringe. oh and the other sentence im fond of is 'im so tired'. well after mum done her work errands she kindly took me out for tea. whilst she was driving i said out loud, 'im so..........' before i could finished my sentence mum charmed in 'tired'. then getting the drift of it, 'my fringe is so...........' again she finished my sentence off, 'bouffy'. well it made me laugh for a while, what else is there too do!!!

then once i was at home found a parcel in the front garden. it was from boden. i dont usually buy that many clothes, normally they dont fit properly. well i opened the box, brown velvet coat, and a dark charcoal cardigan. thank you boden for making me smile. should take some pictures really.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

I'm glad there was something nice waitin for you at the end of your morning. What a difference that makes. And I'm not surprised you are a bit fed up as its been a trying time.

All the best


PS The receptionist incident did make me laugh, a bit Reggie Perrin.

alice said...

hi nechtan

oh we have a strange sense of humour, although at least we can laugh about things.

i dont normally buy myself things, but i needed a few items, so as not to look like a tramp, not that theres nothing wrong with tramps!