11 October 2009

something different

mmm, bet you didnt expect that. the quiet place where i sometimes have a tea, there is a strip of grass at the side of a house. whilst sitting, i noticed a man whip out his mobile phone and start to take pictures. me being me i took a closer look. i noticed these little fairy type mushrooms. camera in hand, i eyed up how far it would be to walk and decided against it, so i asked papa, i shoved the camera in his hand, and ordered 'take some pictures'. he was only too willing.
i love the colours, im sure the brighter ones must be poisonous, i thought the bright red one looks like its popped out of a childs fairy book.
just goes to show if you open your eyes and take a look around you, what you might find in south london.


diver said...

Terrific pics Alice, the colours are wonderful. What a brilliant pallette from one small strip of grass!

Alexandra Rising said...

Those are so fabulous! I have never seen such vibrant mushrooms!

[PS, can you read my blog? I dont think I ever got an email addr. from you to invite you to read it]

alice said...

hi diver

i just adored this pictures, the pretty fairy tale red ones, i think look so magical. gorgeous.


hi alexandra

thanks, they are so pretty.

no i cant read your blog. what do i have to do again? x

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

These are great. My girls love looking for mushrooms among other things but have only found the small standard black ones and white ones. They would love to find ones like these. I love the different patterns, shapes and colours.

I do think when you are of a mind to start taking more photos you do become more observant and that in itself is a good distraction when getting out and about.

All the best


Alexandra Rising said...

Hi Alice,
In order for you to read my blog I need to send you an email invite. If you email me here: AlexandraGMair@gmail.com I'll be able to e-mail you an invite to the blog :)

Robert said...

Take any space & examine. There are amazing things to be seen everywhere!


I never saw so many different types of mushroom in one place before!

alice said...

hi alex

i tried to email you, but the mail said the email address was incorrect! is the email right? thanks.xxx

Alexandra Rising said...

If you'd like to just give me your email [because I checked, and I typed mine correctly, so I'm unsure of why it didn't work :(] I can send you an invite. I really just need your email address..I just didn't know if you felt comfortable posting it publicly or not.